Bernarda Art class

This map project consists in making a map that represents you and what is important in your life with symbols. Symbolisim is an art technique developed during the renaissance. This is a way to show your feelings, interest and whats is important in your life. In your map need 10 land features, 10 symbols a key and a compase rose. The land features can be a isalnd, a lake, a forest or jungle  a mountain range ect. You can choose any symblo you want that represent something important for you as long as you have key that shows all your symbols and explain them. You cando a sketch and then paint it in a big cardboard with water color.  

I really enjoy making this project because it was a way  to respresent and analize what is really important in your life and how it is important to remember it. At the begginning it was really dificult for me t color little details with water color or even big places when i wanted to mix color to make it more real. Because it was the first time i painted something big with water colors it was a challenge for me but after a wile i saterted getting used to it. I have to repeat my cen because of mixing colors and not having the effect i wantes i think that was the worst part and the most interesting part of the project was to learn to use symbolisim, a technique a really liked. I recommend to other teachers to do this porjects with their students.


This project is a creayive project, the most part of the work is a frree style and you van get your own ideas and do of the result whatever you whant. For a start you may recieve a rubric were it says you can should do 4 straight lines, 2 curves, 3 triangules ect.. at the end you will have a bunch of lines in a white paper. With black markers go threw the lines. Now you have a lot of diferent shapes you have to paint each one a different way and here is when your creativity starts. You may paint all this shapes any way you want and use any techniques you like because this way at the nd you will have this beautifull paper fill with different things.

What i most enjoy of this project is that you can show your creativity. With this you dont have to restrict youreself or to follow a specific rubric or to learn certain things you just have to experiment. I like this ptojet  a lot because a enjoy doing all this diffrent things n each shape. I had to fill a lot of forms so i got to thiks about a lot of fun and interesting ways of doing it. At the end we all had this result that looked so different but at the same time all the shapes falled in together. I liked alot this process i definitly do it again.

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With this ptoject i had a big challenge, and for me it was the most difficult ar project in the whole year. Experimenting with clay was really dificult and diffrent fro everything we have done in art since 1st grade. we had to learn to use it by messing up our projects and practicing. For example ixing water with clay can be really helpfull on you head but at the same time a disaster. When we dry the heads some things broke and it was really difficult to put them together again. For me the most diffucult part was to paint the head and it you mess something cleaning it was worst.

Even thought it was a really difficult project it was a challenge to start creating things with clay and by the process of creting the head we learned how to do morw thing woth this new material. You cant learned without practicing and trying so is interesting t satrt with this new material. In alot of point of the project i had to change somehting completely or start over on somehting and some thing jut werent right. Even thought woth this project know i am better with clay and i feel more confident to work with clay.